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Excel Advanced  - What will I cover?


By the end of the course, using practical hands-on tuition, you will have an understanding of the following features and techniques:

  1. Data Validation:-Prevent entry of data in incorrect format, select cell contents from a drop down list and create error messages.
  2. Outlines:-Group and outline large worksheets
  3. Lookup tables:-Using VLOOKUP function to bring data from standard tables.
  4. Working with others:-Create workbooks that use data from other files.
  5. Macros:-Automate your repetitive tasks by recording and running a macro, assign the a macro to a shortcut key and a toolbar button and menu or designing your own button.
  6. Auditing:-Find errors in calculations using Excel's auditing tools.
  7. Cell Protection:-Locking and protecting cells in a workbook.
  8. Forms:-Using the form to enter data more easily
  9. Custom toolbars and menus:-Creating custom buttons and menus to run macros and specialised commands.


The above outlines are intended as a guide only, topics may not be covered in this order. Actual course content can be tailored to suit client's needs.

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