What is Adobe Dreamweaver?

Dreamweaver is one of the most popular and powerful website development tools available. Create and maintain your website with Dreamweaver. Our trainers are Adobe Certified Experts and can deliver courses for beginners through to advanced levels. All trainers are experienced web developers and can offer advice.

We run scheduled training courses in Sheffield and Rotherham or talk to one of our trainers and arrange a bespoke course tailored to the requirements of your organisation.

Adobe Dreamweaver 


Adobe Dreamweaver screenshotOur Dreamweaver courses offer background information on setting up and maintaining websites as well as in-depth coverage of Dreamweavers impressive list of features. Features include setting page defaults and background colours, creation and formatting of text, insertion of graphics, Flash movies, video clips and sound, the use of tables, and layers for page formatting and navigation, the use of CSS to improve your site's accessibility and manageability.


Below is typical course content that may be covered in a day.


Dreamweaver Introduction - What will I cover?

By the end of the course, using practical hands-on tuition, you will have an understanding of the following features and techniques:

  1. The Dreamweaver Workspace
  2. Setting up a website - File / folder naming conventions
  3. Typing, Importing and Copying text
  4. Formatting text and the page - using basic CSS
  5. Adding links – internal, external and anchors
  6. Inserting Graphics – understanding graphic types, buttons and rollovers
  7. Basic page layouts
  8. Tables
  9. Using Dreamweaver page layouts
  10. Libraries – to re-use common page elements and save time
  11. HTML – an understanding of the code behind the design
  12. CSS for accessible and consistent page formatting
  13. Creating Forms - how to create enquiry forms
  14. Testing your website – understanding the importance of testing in different browsers and screen resolutions, testing links
  15. Publishing the website - understanding domain names, web hosting options


The above outlines are intended as a guide only, topics may not be covered in this order. Actual course content can be tailored to suit client's needs.

Please contact us for charges and further details on either bespoke or scheduled courses.