CSS training course - This courses explains the basic language that formats web pages.

Cascading Style Sheets are used to style web pages. Using CSS the style is kept separate from the content of the page. The advantages are:- this makes maintenance easier, creates consistency throughout your site, makes for more accessible pages for all users and enables the same content to be styled differently for different purposes. A knowledge of CSS will enable you to tailor WordPress sites and make them unique.Our courses are informative and enjoyable with small class sizes and experienced trainers, ensuring you get a quality learning experience.

Courses can be combined into a 1 day HTML and CSS Overview

Scheduled courses in Sheffield and Chesterfield or why not organise a bespoke course tailored to the requirements of your organisation.

Cascading StyleSheets - What will I cover?


By the end of the course, using practical hands-on tuition, you will have an understanding of the following features and techniques:

  1. Learn the CSS Rules
  2. The relationship between HTML and CSS
  3. Applying CSS Rules - External, embedded, inline stylesheets, redefining tags, class and id styles
  4. CSS formatting - text, backgrounds, links, block elements, borders, margins
  5. The CSS Cascade - how rules apply and how they overwrite others
  6. CSS Positioning- absolute positioning, 2 column, 3 column floating positioning
  7. Print Stylesheets
  8. CSS Transitions

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The above outlines are intended as a guide only, topics may not be covered in this order. Actual course content can be tailored to suit client's needs.

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